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Partnering With Our Firm

K.L. Johnson Advisors collaborates directly with our clients and their tax professionals to deliver holistic planning and investment management supported by innovative tax strategies. We develop partnerships with talented, licensed tax professionals in the Topeka and Greater Kansas City areas that increase their company’s ability to care for each client’s unique situation, increase client satisfaction and retention, thereby increasing their firm’s value.

Avantax is known in the investment industry to license Tax Professionals and equip them to serve the investment and retirement planning needs of their tax clients. The challenge to this niche is the time involved in providing up-to-date planning and investment strategies while maintaining up-to-date education and knowledge regarding tax and accounting.

Our firm specializes in being the retirement planning and investment management arm of firms like this. We work hand in hand with excellent tax professionals to provide clients with tax-smart investment advice based on their unique circumstances.

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