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Casey  Frisby

Casey Frisby

Business Operations Manager

Casey was born and raised in the Capitol City of Topeka, Kansas. She is a graduate of Baker University
with a Bachelors in Business Administration. She has spent most of her career working directly with
clients in many different industries. Over the years, Casey has developed a passion for personal finance,
taking and teaching multiple courses from Crown Financial Ministries and Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace
University. Casey will be using her skills and gifts in business, as well as her passion for finance, to serve
the clients of K.L. Johnson Advisors.

Casey and Rick have been married since 2004, have three children and, according to her, “the most
amazing Golden Doodle you’ll ever meet.” Like most families with young children, Casey and Rick spend
a lot of their time and money on kids sports and activities throughout the year. One of her favorite
activities of the year is an annual float trip they have enjoyed in Missouri with their family and friends
from Topeka. Another significant part of Casey’s life is her family. Casey is the oldest of 4 sisters, and is
considered “the smart one,” a compliment of which she humbly does not deny.

While Casey is gifted and skilled in her work, loves her husband, children, Golden doodle and extended
family very much, and has a passion for finance that will be well served in her work as our office
manager, she is quick to admit that she would often just rather have a good fiction novel on the beach
with a cool drink in her hand. Either way, she is a great addition to the team and we’re very happy to
have her along.